Continuing to build and invest, these are our biggest players through the various industries.

Cloud & Hosting Solutions

Investing talks began in 2004 with web development and internet security consultant Haktek Designs and in 2006, the purchase was complete. Haktek Designs remained focused on web development until 2009 when it expanded to provide cloud solutions as well.


In 2012, OSTAR went on and expanded its investment line in both real estate & construction. Saudi Projects, an already established business located in Saudi Arabia was acquired to aid in the construction field.

Desalination & Water Treatment

OSTAR went on to acquire shares in a specialized water treatment company called WETICO (previously known as Saudi Berkefeld Filter Co.) in 2001. Under OSTAR’s management, WETICO increased in revenue more than 10 times. At present WETICO is the largest water and wastewater treatment company in the Middle East with several offices and precense the MENA region.

General Trade

OSTAR’S original vision was to provide & invest in emerging technologies and regions. With that in mind, our first investment in trading, Importadora Belen and later Sherin Import were established in the city of Nueva Esparto, Venezuela. Dealing mainly in textiles, and home electronics.

LED Lighting

Seeing a shortage of high quality LED lighting solutions, Mejreha a leading technological LED manufacturer now trades in the MENA region providing wholesale LED lights of all shapes and sizes with over 40% savings and much longer lifetime than the competition.

Marketing & Consulting

2009 brought OSTAR to Saudi Arabia, with a managing office and under the brand name Immediate Enterprises. Aside from managing its investments more up close, the office also contains a new investment specializing in branding services and consultation. With OSTAR’s leadership, Immediate Enterprises took on projects with big name international clients such as the Hilton Hotels, Smash Burger, Kentucky Derby, and more.

Micro Tunneling

Digging into other businesses, OSTAR invested in the directional & horizontal drilling field in late 2011, establishing Element Drilling and taking on small to medium size projects. Specializing in short and medium radius curves, extended horizontals and multilaterals.

Private Security

After successfully landing great opportunities in the residential sector (both in land purchases, and in construction), Legatus legionis was formed to assess the rising security concerns in currently unstable regions. Through proper training and hiring, both locally and from S. Africa, private companies and private homes are protected in case of any emergency even in the toughest of situations that may arise in Lebanon, and in Venezuela.

Real Estate

Purchases of commercial land in Saudi Arabia for offices, followed by acquiring more plots of residential land in Lebanon for apartment complexes began in 2012. Later in 2013, OSTAR expanded into Bahrain, and Venezuela, where at the latter, an apartment complex is under way.