Several factors have played a role in helping us come to where we are today. Throughout our journey we’ve managed to take the good, the bad, and the in between to learn how to move ahead and apply all that we’ve learned and experienced on current and new projects.Kassem M
OSTAR has been about helping our customers and employees realize their full potential. From interns to high profile clients, we work with everyone, everywhere.

As an investment management and consulting company, our goal is to build great subsidiaries and companies that can be seen everywhere and allow people to enjoy what life has to offer. You can already see their work everyday in such products as Coca Cola, Nestle, Pepsi Co, and Al Marai. You may have also seen them in the Kentucky Derby, Al Rashid & Sons Malls, Hilton Hotels, and more. From water treatment, construction, micro-tunneling, marketing, and trading. We’ve got you covered.

Since 2000, OSTAR has invested in companies throughout the globe. In that timeframe, they’ve managed to take on high reputable clients listed above, and grown to be one the largest in their specific industry.

At present OSTAR continues its growth through various investments throughout the Middle East along with its ongoing international stock market investments, all the while looking to expand into the Asian and Latin American market.