Being one the newest investment management companies in the Middle East, OSTAR worked hard to become part of the community. This is a role we enjoy and are proud of. We are fortunate in having the support of our shareholders who share our conviction that the future lies well beyond the next fiscal quarter.Kassem M
The Future

PROTECTING GENERATIONS. That is our intention, and this relates not just to ensuring successful business investments. It’s really about minimising our impact on the environment; helping people with the opportunity for better education; ensuring a robust, reliable and healthy food supply; and not forgetting to improve the health and lifestyles of people where needed.


Every year, OSTAR shareholders take part in a range of social events and support various charities. They are also active in the field of education, offering scholarships for Lebanese citizens.

What Papers?

Inline with our goal to protecting generations to come. In 2014, with cooperation from Microsoft and other IT companies, OSTAR began to implement a paperless system for inter-office use. By the end of 2016, we hope to eliminate papers altogether for all inter-office use, and to reduce project related paperwork by at least 30%. This doesn’t include the fact that we’ve already been printing double sided papers, reusing papers for draft works and office notes, creating email holiday greetings instead of sending out paper cards.

World Environment Day

Held annually on 5 June. This aims to raise the community’s awareness of the importance of taking serious steps to protect the environment. We have been implementing policies to control paper and plastic waste, as well as to reduce energy and water usage.

Earth Hour

The Earth Hour initiative which takes place on the last Saturday of March and is supervised by the global conservation organisation, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). OSTAR participates in all its global offices by switching off non-essential lights and highlighting to its employees the problems of global warming and encouraging them to turn off non-essential lights and appliances for at least one hour to save energy.

Inside These Doors

Valuing the people who work for us is to recognize and reward them beyond mere salaries and benefits. With that in mind, wherever possible, we hire from within for management positions and encourage them to select beneficiaries for our social responsibility efforts.

Saving Power

Generations to come need to be powered, that’s why we’ve implemented timed lighting, energy efficient cooling on desktop computers, low power LCD monitors, energy saving settings on all corporate computers, and worked to eliminate standby power for items when not in use. We’ve also moved some data to cloud solutions that are partly powered by natural resources.

Staying Cool & Hot

Setting office temperatures to 23.5-25°C constantly is one way to lower power consumption and reduce impact on the environment. Our in-house data centres are kept at an optimal ~26°C as has been believed to be the most efficient.

Cut Smoking Habit

All of our offices are smoke free environments and at OSTAR we provide employees who wish to stop smoking additional medical help if they require at no additional cost to them.

Employee Vehicles

Employees are encouraged to utilize a corporate discount that’s available for providing UV and thermal tint on all their personal vehicles, cutting fuel costs and adding more comfort in their daily commutes by reducing the need for air conditioning.