Sole strategies

Our fully owned businesses have been using our strategies of process + design + scenario from the very beginning. This is part of our standard. These strategies are essential to deploy in a new business to achieve its goals and to stay on the right track. Other businesses have their own strategies, some of which may be similar to ours. OSTAR’s strategies have been in the market just as long, if not longer, but have been worked and adjusted concerning each different sector of the industry, as well as updated to keep up with the ever changing market. From human resources to IT management, our strategies help both small and medium businesses organize and structure their workforce properly and efficiently.

Cooperative Strategies

OSTAR’s current investment portfolio includes various Joint Venture’s with well known business partners.  Our outlook to any JV is that it must be built around a win – win concept where both parties are able to add value to each other either through know – how or capital investment.  All our current joint venture companies enjoy an independent management structure that is overseen by active boards of directors who drive these investment’s vision and strategy.

Consulting Network

Depending on your business strategy, investment may not be an option, however growth can be achieved by utilizing OSTAR’s wide network of expert consultants to oversee and aid in projects that can take your business to the next level. From experienced IT professionals to engineers, our team can get your next big project started with ease at mind. Our qualified technical personnel will help relax recruitment worries no matter what size your business is, allowing you to take on projects instantly as you grow, removing the hassle of paperwork and contracts with each and every new employee that you would need to allocate for your potential growth.