OSTAR Careers

We don’t only offer jobs, we provide careers. What’s the difference you ask? To start, a career is the pursuit of a lifelong ambition or the general course of progression towards lifelong goals. A job is just that, a job with no lifelong goal until it’s part of a career plan. That’s what we’re building together, the ability to reach lifelong goals.

Employees Total



Benefits Package

Different benefit packages are available depending on each persons individual skills and experience. We assure that everyone is treated fairly and is comfortable as a family, and not just as an employee

Full of Culture

Culture is very important for us, our teams are from all over the world, English, Spanish, French, and Arabic speakers with rich backgrounds, each enjoying their time with OSTAR and making it a fun energetic place to work in.


Driving Potential

People discover that working with us allows them to maximize on their potential in a dynamic and competitive environment that’s full of energy, ideas, and excitement. There are always opportunities available across our many organizations, and we’re always in search of people who are looking to grow and succeed. Either with us, or at one of our organizations, they all offer a great career culture rich experience.